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Meet the Creator


We will quote from two credible historical documents written by John, a devout follower of Jesus, and Moses, a great leader, historian, and warrior. These manuscripts survived thousands of years and maintained authenticity. We learn that John and Moses had face-to-face experience, could meet the Creator of life, and were inspired by him!

Moses spent 40 days without food or drink while conversing with his Creator. He was inspired and instructed to record how the creation began. The book of Genesis captured his writings by starting with the creation of the universe, where we learn about the Creator of the universe, who revealed himself as one God glorified in three divine persons. Although our limited human words can’t sufficiently describe God’s divine nature, his creation and messages express his love for humanity and the purpose of creation.

The manifestation of the Triune God is apparent in the following verses, where God, God's Spirit, and his powerful word are simultaneously present and in a conversation during the creation of the universe. Hence, the three divine faces of God are referred to in the Scriptures as the "Father," the "Word," and the "Holy Spirit":

‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth … and God’s Spirit was hovering over the surface of the waters…God said, “Let’s make man in our image, after our likeness”’

By God’s mighty “Word,” the whole universe came into existence, and life began on Earth.  The book of Genesis and the Gospel of John reveal the source of life and light!

 ‘God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.’ - Genesis

‘In the beginning was the Word, … All things were made through him. … In him was life, and the life was the light of men.’ – Gospel of John

Eternal life and freedom were the greatest gifts Adam and Eve cherished for a while. But eternity and eternal life couldn't be destroyed or removed because of the disobedience of Adam and Eve. Adam had a chance to rescue Eve and stand for her, but he failed, and consequently, they lost eternal life and lived a miserable life on earth. From generation to generation, brother rose against brother; siblings hated each other. They multiplied and formed various nations. But nations declared wars against each other, parents abandoned their children, and children carried those wounds. Fear took over human lives. Yet, instead of acknowledging their misery and asking their Creator for help, they began sacrificing to manufactured gods, gods of their imaginations that resembled evil humans. Even the religious people who claimed to know the loving God didn’t have pure motives.

Consequently, many people these days deny the existence of God and his intelligent power, reasoning that humanity can live independently without God. But, when injustice takes away their freedom or rights, they scream for justice, blaming God for not intervening.

Throughout history, humans longed for protection and justice. So we demand punishment for those who are unjust to us. But there is no one, not even our judges, entirely righteous for judging impartially, knowingly, or unknowingly!

Because of our impure nature, we exaggerate others’ faults but ignore our own! If there were true justice on this earth, we all would deserve punishment for our inequities and crimes. What crime, you may ask? We may consider killing a crime, yet in our Creator’s eyes, when we, for example, unjustly erupt in anger and shout at someone, we hurt that person and commit a crime!

In all fairness, we are all criminals! We are born with that nature. We seek revenge on even those who unintentionally caused us the slightest inconvenience. What kind of people are we? How did the human race become so evil on earth? Can one day all humans become reasonable and loving toward each other?

Even if pursuing this dream was remotely possible, it’d require a significant overhaul in our ways of living and thinking. Because mere knowledge of good behavior, or even performing religious rituals, can’t change us from within. We need spiritual surgery!

Without exception, we are cruel to each other. We lie to and ignore our faithful Creator; we have learned how to shift the blame, like Adam and Eve, and follow their example!

However, our Creator doesn’t think the way we think, nor does he judge how we judge each other. While he is still a holy God and, like a consuming fire, sin can not stand in his presence nor go unpunished, he is a loving God! It may be hard to comprehend how God genuinely forgives sinners who confess and ask for forgiveness! But there is a price to pay for true forgiveness. Someone has to pay for our atonement and guilt. Somebody has to sacrifice to bring forgiveness into our lives because the penalty for sin is death. So if we were to pay off the cost of our cruelties to receive forgiveness, we had to die. Then, if we were to die, what good would it do to be forgiven? Would a dead person enjoy forgiveness?!

But, when we were hopeless and helpless, our true Creator came to our rescue! It’s the most incredible story of true love. Someone loved us so much that he willingly took our place; bore our blame and punishment to let us go free! He stood for Adam, Eve, you, and me!

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Christians believe in

A: Three gods

B: One God

C: One God revealed in three divine persons


C: True. God is one. He revealed himself in three persons; God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.