Born Again!

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Born Again


There is no greater joy and peace of mind than knowing you are free from the power of addictions, bad habits, and sin. Born again means to start a new life that continues through eternity! We learn new things daily; change our toxic and unpleasant lifestyle and grow into spiritual maturity.

My friend! I'm glad you decided to believe in Jesus Christ and begin a new life! We are now part of one family! Although we come from different backgrounds, ethnicity, languages, and even different walks of life, we are the family of our Creator! The power of faith in Jesus Christ has changed many lives. Even people who didn't have an honorable life in the past were in jail, committed murder, or engaged in prostitution begin a new life! Our Creator promised that he would never remember our past sins or wrongdoings! He forgave us forever! Praise Him!

I want to share something with you as members of Christ's family. As we move on and continue on this journey, our thoughts and actions begin to change. We learn how to control our desires and manage our lives with the daily help we get from our Savior. It's a crucial stage of our lives. While we grow up and mature spiritually, we may make mistakes. But we shouldn't lose focus or let it distract us. We have a helper who comes to our rescue whenever and wherever we need help!

Let's move on to the next chapter and explore how to equip ourselves and enjoy our new lives together. Please click on “Soaring Higher.


  1. God forgives only minor sins.
  2. When we are born again, we become a member of the family of God.

  1. False: God forgives and forgets every sin we confess.
  2. True: God accepts us as His very own children!