Intelligent Creator

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Intelligent Creator, Intimate Friend!


What would you see if you could open a window to the mysteries of creation and the power that holds everything in order? Would you like to see a vapor, a consuming fire, or an intelligent person with a loving heart and a friendly smile? If you could see the Creator, would you ask him a question? Would you then wish to to build an intimate friendship with such a mighty and intelligent Creator?

If our Creator is truly a person, how much do we know him? Is he a good person, an angry dictator, or even exists? But if we are his creation, did he create us to live for a while and diminish? Does life continue beyond time on this Earth, or it's only an imagination? Can there be abundant life and everlasting joy?

Dear friend, you might be religious or non-religious or not even know what to believe. But do you want to experience a meaningful and authentic life? Many people suffer from loneliness, have an empty life, or feel guilt. Others may not feel so, but it could be because they are too busy with work and other things that they don't have a moment of silence.

But what if you and I were created not just as part of the universe but for a distinct purpose? What if you and I were designed according to a perfect plan? But if that is true, then why is there so much suffering? We are like orphan children, with a mysterious vacuum in our hearts that neither riches, accomplishments, positions, fame, nor glory can fill that void. And if we could listen to our souls, we would hear thier cry, begging to be found and become whole again!

Questions (True or False):

  1. In the 20th century, we reached the point where we can claim we know everything about our universe.
  2. We long to live eternally.

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  1. False: We are curious about the origins of life, but we still know very little.
  2. True: We learn from Our history that humans have always desired a perpetual life.