Magnificent Universe

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Magnificent Universe


We drove on a gravel road for half a day until we arrived at a village where my aunt lived. It was my first experience being out of town. We ate a light dinner and chatted until late that night. After dinner, as I stepped outside for fresh air before going to bed, I was shocked by what I saw! There were much more stars, brighter and closer, as if they were only a couple of hundred yards away! How beautiful! It took my breath away! I felt as if the universe came down to speak with me! It was an unforgettable experience to see the beauty of the magnificient universe!

It's overwhelming but also relaxing to watch the magnificent creation. The beauty of the creation is truly splendid. Yet, while watching the stars, gigantic skies, and galaxies, we may feel a strange presence! We may wonder if there is more than what we see, something invisible, powerful, and lively! What if we could fearlessly see and meet the creator of all these wonders?

But why should we even consider having friendships with invisible beings?! Let's think deeper. We feel blessed when we have good company and appreciate each other. We love to be noticed and appreciated for who we are and what we can do because we experience life through relationships, a life with meaning and value. We are born to live in a community and enjoy life together. But sometimes, even when surrounded by our close friends, we feel insignificant or isolated. Even worse, we don't feel like serving any purpose when lonely or experiencing a broken relationship.

Fame and wealth don't build lasting relationships. On the contrary, many successful people feel empty and miserable! So to fill this void, we pursue a greater level of intimacy, greater security, and a genuine and intimate friendship with someone real or even imaginary, someone who understands and cares for us!

One day, we'll realize that we aren't just flesh and bones born from moms and dads but from our Creator, who made both the visible and the hidden universes! He breathed the eternal and the invisible being into us! Therefore, humans have always searched for life's origin, purpose, and meaning. Like an adopted child, our souls search and hunger for the truth without ceasing. But how can we communicate with our invisible and mysterious Creator?

Everybody has a different idea about the mystery of creation! Religious leaders, scientists, psychologists, etc., all have personal opinions that don't agree with each other. But, while the dark clouds of misinformation may have blinded our vision and understanding, our Creator never stops reaching out to us to show his true nature. We may have some ideas about him, but our jaws will drop when we meet him personally!

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Questions (True or False):

  1. We experience life in relationships.
  2. We are eternal beings.


  1. True: Life loses meaning and purpose without relationships.
  2. True: We are born of our Creator, who is eternal!