Complementary Pieces

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Precious Rocks


Four teenage friends wanted to get together to watch a basketball game on TV when the youngest one had an idea to make their upcoming game-watching even better! He exclaimed, “Let’s build a tree house and watch it there!” Thinking about this idea momentarily, the oldest said, “That is a great idea! We have a large tree with strong branches in our backyard. Let's build the house there." Another responded, "I have all the tools needed. I'll be glad to help with whatever you need." And the fourth one said, "My father is an architect. I will ask him to draw a simple floor plan for a tree house." And soon, they began working together on this new project excitedly. 

Every building is made of different materials. Every project requires multiple talents and complementary pieces to build it. And so is the contribution of everyone in a group. So, as long as everyone contributes and the group is purposefully united, they can succeed! 

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