Praying in a Group

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Praying in a Group


Praying privately and in a group should become essential to our lives. Of course, we may pray privately for whatever we want and for as long as necessary. But in a group, we are considerate of time and listen to each other's prayers. Therefore, it's wise to pray for what concerns the group. Thus, everyone in the group unites with the person who prays because the one who prays appeals on behalf of many.

Lead your group to pray with short sentences, usually less than three, so that everyone may have a chance to participate. When most people have prayed once, others may pray a second or third time.

Praying together helps new believers learn how to pray. So to help those who want to pray in a group for the first time, pray only a few short words or a concise sentence to encourage them to follow your example.

Holding hands and praying may be a common practice in some churches. Although it’s a beautiful gesture, you want to be mindful of those who may not feel comfortable holding hands for whatever reason. Lastly, commit to praying for your group members by name in your daily devotions.

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