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Delegate and Multiply


As the number of participants grows, there is less time for the group to hear from everyone. And that is the time to split the group into two smaller groups. Therefore leaders should choose co-leaders and help them mature over time and gain experience to lead a new group.

Delegating tasks to co-leaders:

Even if you are proficient in everything you do, you want to avoid burdening out with too many responsibilities. Therefore, delegating and dividing some of the tasks among co-leaders is wise. Sometimes, you may become too busy during a discussion not to notice if someone is looking for a chance to share. When people feel ignored, they refrain from participating. But if you have assigned one or two coo-leaders to help you during a discussion, they can signal when someone wants to share or resume if they were cut off.

To improve the quality of group discussions, you want to get feedback from your co-leaders after each meeting and learn how to lead more efficiently. In addition, assign one or two people to pray, follow up, and care for those who had a prayer request during the week.

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