A Simple Story

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A Simple Story


Our stories can be very different, but they deliver the same message. Simple and concise stories remain in memory longer and therefore are more effective. Here is an example of a concise story:  

"I grew up in a somewhat religious family. I didn't believe that God existed because I didn't want to do anything with a God that punished people. However, I respected the religious practices and rituals that my parents believed in. Sometimes I performed these rituals and prayers out of fear and respect for my parents, but deep in my heart, I didn't believe in them. Since I didn't consider myself a follower of any religion, I did everything others did, good or bad, without shame. Yet, something kept bothering me from the inside. When I was alone, I felt lonely, worried, and insecure. One day I went out with a group of friends, and there was a new guy among us. He said something about eternal life, but I chuckled. He just smiled and didn't get offended. He was so gentle that he made me think about eternity the whole day. I thought, what if God is real? So when I got home, something urged me to pray! So I said. “Please help me, God, if you truly exist. I don't want to feel lonely and down. Please, for the sake of Jesus Christ, forgive the things I have done wrong.”

After that short prayer, I felt something heavy lifted off me! A week later, I went to meet my Christian friend. When I entered his house, I was surprised to see all the good people I knew were there too! They were very friendly, and I realized they had a similar experience with God because they had become Christians. Since then, my life is constantly changing for the better. I don't have fear or worry about the future or my job like before. I used to do stupid things and gamble. But now, I’m saving to buy a house! The Lord has renewed my soul and granted me eternal life!"

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