Wonders of Creation

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Wonders of Creation


Our Creator is eager to see us use our intellect and brain to discover the rules of science and physics, but more, to know him. We may have learned a lot about the universe or heard about the wonders of creation, but what truly satisfies our curiosity is knowing the Creator of life.

We learn about science through observations. But how accurate are our observations? Even scientists may not agree on everything, even the things they observe together, because our observations are limited and inaccurate. We wonder how the universe came into existence. It isn't just the creation but the beauty, harmony, and purpose of the creation that makes us wonder.

So then, what is the purpose of this intelligent creation? Why are our bodies so complex? Why did it take thousands of years to realize genes' existence and function? How much do we know now, and how much more is there to discover? How can we find answers to our many questions?

But among all the wonders of creations, it is still a mystery how we reason and understand complex matters and how we feel the pain and misery of people! There might be thousands of theories and models on how creation came about, but none answers the profound and essential question; what is the purpose of creation?

Let’s explore the significant moments and conversations that took place at the beginning of the creation of the universe.

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Questions (True or False):

  1. All scientists agree 100% on every subject.
  2. Our Creator created the science and the laws of science. Therefore, the more we know about the creation, the more we learn about science.



  1. False: Scientists may not agree on everything, even the things they observe together.
  2. False: When we explore the creation honestly, we learn more about our Creator.