Creation's Climax

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Creation's Climax


Everything we see and even the things we can't see is created by our intelligent Creator. He is the Creator of time, the visible and invisible worlds, the stars, and the living creatures. And at the climax of creation, he said, "Let us make humans in our image and likeness!"

Adam was the first human, taken from dirt, was flesh and bones. But something extraordinary and exceptional was to take place to complete his creation. So then, our Creator breathed the "breath of life" into Adam, and Adam became bodily and spiritually a living person. Adam resembled God in love, creativity, and in so many distinct ways, as planned precisely by our Creator. Since then, humans have been conceived with God's breath at conception. Adam had free will and the freedom to choose! He enjoyed life and had an intimate friendship and daily conversation with his Maker.

And as planned, our Creator made Eve, not a duplicate of Adam, but a new creation. She, too, resembled her Creator in so many ways. Adam and Eve built the first family, enjoying intimate fellowship and face-to-face conversation with their Creator!

They had everything and could choose whatever they desired. However, free will comes with responsibility. We will end up with excellent or dire consequences depending on what we choose. Often, we can make the best choices only with the advice and support of others. Wise advice helps us reach success and maintain it. But pride ignores wisdom and is the precursor to a sudden fall.

Adam and Eve grew in knowledge and understanding. They made good choices until they chose to ignore the advice of their Creator and believe in a tempting but self-promoting lie. They could demonstrate their respect and love for the one who gave them everything they needed. But they chose to follow their selfish desires. It wasn't about the fruit; it wasn't about the tree; it was about their trust in the one who loved them most.

Often, wrong choices have a deceitful and favorable facade. Adam and Eve's decision, however, had eternal implications. With one foolish decision to believe in lies, they gave up their God-given freedom and went under the dominion of evil.

God didn't create evil. The whole creation came into existence according to a perfect plan. But evil came about from pride and selfishness. Regrettably, even though Adam and Eve had free will to choose, they chose to do evil. Consequently, they experienced the bitterness of pain, guilt, fear, and loneliness. The calamity was so severe that our Creator had to banish them from his holy presence.

The story didn't end there. It just began! The love of our Creator was so great that He promised to build a way to restore his relationship with humans. Adam and Eve left God's presence. They had previously experienced a loving and intimate relationship and a worry-free life. But now, they had to face the consequences of their decision. They struggled to deal with each other's complaints, failures, misconduct, and misunderstandings.

The decedents of Adam and Eve didn't have a face-to-face experience with their Creator but second-hand knowledge. Gradually and over time, they lost their knowledge and understanding of the invisible and spiritual world. Instead, they began creating gods according to their imaginations. They set up religious rituals from generation to generation and made themselves slaves to worshipping idols.

Corruption grew like wildfire. Consequently, many religious leaders seized the opportunity to exploit people and rule over them in the name of "god." With a blurred vision of the Creator, they introduce a different, invisible "god," a god with an unloving nature that had no resemblance to our Creator. They forced people to worship false gods that were always angry, unloving, and demanding. Their sole purpose was to rule over and punish opponents!

What we see today is the outcome of our past. Envy and violence have replaced love and care for one another. True love has lost its meaning. Even when we say "I love you," it's mostly for selfish desires rather than caring for others who need our care and attention. We lie to others and ourselves even though we know it has severe consequences.

It seems impossible to escape our misery, return to the previous glory, and have a fearless relationship with our Creator. We may think God could destroy all evil-doers, so there wouldn't be any crime. But that would require killing people like you and me?! The entire human race would have been wiped out if God had acted that way!

However, the love of our Creator was so genuine that he took a visible human body and came into our world to live among us! He made the greatest sacrifice to rescue us from self-destruction! He paid for our inequities so we could live guilt-free forever. He brought the cure to transform sinners into people-loving and good-hearted humans. Then, he called us to partner with him to share his message, change people’s lives, and diminish evil and suffering. We receive a new heart and a new life to resemble him as children of God and live with him though eternity!

How is this even possible? How can humans become the children of the Creator of the universe and call Him "Father"?!

Questions (True or False): 

  1. Our Creator created us in his image. 
  2. We don’t have free will to choose eternity.
  3. All religions and religious leaders point us to the true God.  

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  1. True: We resemble our Creator in so many different ways. 
  2. False: We are born with free will.  
  3. False: Many religious leaders introduced “gods” that have no resemblance to our Creator.