Equal, yet Different

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Equal, yet Different


We can't find two people thinking the same way or having similar preferences. Although different, a team comprised of diverse skill sets is more successful. You may have heard this phrase, "We are created equally different!" Every person is born with distinctive and natural abilities, just like our four teenagers.  

When we use our God-given abilities, we contribute to society and succeed in our profession. For example, a plumber installs or repairs water pipes we use daily, and we appreciate it. A computer programmer is energized when writing impressive smartphone apps, we all enjoy. A painter enjoys painting breathtaking scenery that moves us. Likewise, one with the spiritual gift of knowledge feels great explaining the complex passages of the Bible. And those with the gift of wisdom feel blessed to be able to provide the best advice during challenging times. And when others notice and appreciate what we can do, we enjoy life and find it more meaningful.

Everyone has God-given natural abilities, but not all use their abilities. Some children grow up in positive and supportive homes where they learn how to use their natural abilities and become successful. Not everyone, however, is so blessed. Many children face criticism, envy, repression, and lack of opportunity that destroy their self-confidence, shrink, and restrict their abilities. Gradually they give in, stop doing or exploring what they were created for, and let part of their identity diminish.  

That reminds me of a great pastor, Wayne Cordeiro, who that many precious treasures are buried in the ground in a cemetery. There are many poems written but never read, songs were never sung, inventions never realized, and opportunities to forgive and to love, but all were lost.

Even when children grow into adulthood, most of them don’t utilize their God-given gifts, depriving themselves of God’s blessings. But the good news is that God doesn’t leave us alone! He has called you and me on a mission to be led by the Holy Spirit and restore and rebuild many lives!

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