What is Fellowship

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What is Fellowship?


While Sunday services provide excellent nutrition and direction, fellowship groups build and promote unity and group spirit. Fellowship groups are also known as “Small Groups,” “Home Groups,” or “Friendship groups.” These groups provide a venue to communicate with others, share our experiences and learn from them. As a result, we grow stronger and happier together. We make each other laugh, sometimes cry, rethink, and empathize. And that is how we experience life more meaningfully than an isolated life.

Thousand if not millions of families and children are stranded and lonely. Although they may decline to attend church, there is a greater chance they will attend a fellowship group. Anyone can join a caring group regardless of age, denomination, or walk of life. A fellowship group is like a family, a mini version of a church! The church, the body of Christ, becomes resilient through the fellowship groups. Consequently, church members share their faith with confidence and love through the support they get from their fellowship groups! 

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