Mysterious Beauty!

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Mysterious but Beautiful!


 mysterious but beautiful

The breathtaking beauty of nature has left every human eye in awe. Imagine standing on a rocky shore, the ocean waves crashing in a symphony of thousands of shades and colors. It's a sight that overwhelms the senses and fills the heart with wonder. And as we delve deeper into the mysteries of our lives, world, and universe, we find even more mind-blowing wonders. The mystery of electrons, the building blocks of matter, the precise dance of the planets in our solar system, the remarkable harmony of musical notes, the giant stars, born from the tiniest particles we can't even see, the miracle code in even the smallest seed to reproduce its kind-they all reflect a mysterious but beautiful image into our souls. What an intelligent and stunning power that brought such wonders into existence!

Our curiosity always leads us to search for the unknown. We have learned about the rules of science and the universe. We continually search for everything there is to know. Except for that, we feel uneasy and afraid of facing the creative power of this universe closely. Will we ever be able to comprehend and communicate openly and directly with such majestic power? Of course, but if so, it certainly requires extreme boldness and honesty to overcome fear, pride, peer pressure, cultural beliefs, and even falsely claimed scientific observations that manipulate and suppress the truth!


Strange Humans

But how much do we know even about ourselves? You and I are the descendants of a strange tribe. We risk our lives; we jump in front of a bus to save a child we don't even know! Yet, we get upset and angry at the driver who drives slower in front of us! Who are we? How did we end up living together on planet Earth?

Throughout history, we have endured bitter experiences. We have declared wars against each other to expand our dominion or maintain our freedom. We have desired a better life, a better society where we could live comfortably. Yet, we are still at war with others and ourselves. We believe in logic and mutual respect, but our actions prove the contrary.

We can create a perfect and harmonious world only in our dreams. Even when our politicians promise a better world, they fail because we live in a broken world. Even the lives we have, though precious, are short, and there is no magic potion to keep us from fading away. Eventually, our bodies give in, fall apart, and perish. So, what is the purpose of life if we all vanish from the surface of the earth? Is there something more that our eyes haven't seen? Surprisingly, the answer is within us! So, let's walk away from the distraction of this world for a moment and listen to the cry within us. We will hear that familiar voice deep inside, quietly whispering, "There is eternity!"

Exploring the universe and beyond would be exciting. So let's take this spectacular journey to the visible and invisible worlds and their majestic beauty together. But be aware, as you will be challenged beyond your imagination! Please click on "A New Beginning" to get started.