Variety of Groups

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Variety of Groups


A Fellowship group may be formed around the common interest of a group. For example, one group may focus on young couples, study the Bible, and learn from each other how to raise and care for their children. Another group may study a book together or get together to share a recipe, cook food, eat and drink, and then worship and pray together. Yet another group may meet at a basketball court, play together, and then worship and pray at a coffee shop. So, regardless of the common interest, every group dedicates time to worship and praying together. And as they become aware of each other's needs, they care more for each other.

You may start a new group with the help of 2 or 3 people. Prior experience or training to lead a fellowship group would be beneficial, but you can learn over time. Fellowship groups are successful when everyone is involved, each helping with a chore. However, at the beginning, a leader or leaders may have to temporarily wear different hats.

Each fellowship group may have different priorities and needs. However, regardless of the type of the group, each fellowship group has two primary goals: 1) Strengthening and supporting each other to grow in faith, and 2) Encouraging, equipping, and supporting each other to share their life stories with others.

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