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There are several references to the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" in the New Testament. To be baptized means to be fully immersed in or engulfed by something. For example, John, "the Baptist," and the disciples of Jesus baptized people in a river with plenty of water to cover the whole body. We also read in the Scriptures that the Holy Spirit "came upon," "poured out," "fell upon," or was "received by" believers, and those believers were "filled with" the Holy Spirit.

The experience of being "filled with the Holy Spirit" is like something pouring upon and filling us up. For example, imagine a jar of popcorn with a lid. If we dunk the jar into a large bowl of water while the lid is closed, only the outside of that container gets wet, more like water baptism. But when the cap is removed, the contents of the jar float out gradually; the water pours into the container and fills it up. If e pay attention, we are like a jar with unpleasant old habits. The more we let the Holy Spirit fill us up, the more he refreshes our minds, and the more we get rid of our old habits.

Many individuals and groups of believers were baptized with the Holy Spirit on different occasions, each with a different experience. Depending on our openness to the Holy Spirit, his healing power can reach the very corners of our hearts, souls, and minds. He can fill us repeatedly as we make more room for him.

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