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Tough questions: 

If someone brings up a critical question at the last minute, postpone it to a later date. This gives you enough time to decide if discussing it in the group is proper and constructive. If you feel such topics may hurt the group, call that person during the week and tell them why you believe it's non-constructive. Most people appreciate that you study their proposal and follow up with them even if the answer isn’t favorable.


Don't suppress criticism even when someone picks on you or publicly questions your decisions. Instead, with perseverance, ask for a better way of doing it. Then invite them to discuss it with you later.

From time to time, all the leaders may receive criticism. You may hear things that will upset you, but remember that it is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your leadership qualities by listening and responding calmly, lovingly, and respectfully. Most often, in such cases, there is an underlying problem. If you deal with criticism properly, you will turn your accusers into loyal friends!


Minister your group as your family! When someone shares an emotional experience, listen attentively, empathize, and pray for them. Sincere empathy heals wounds.

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